Provincials 2017

HP Jr.
Emily Walker - 1st Vault, Beam, Floor, & All Around

Aspire 1
Addis Deobald- 1st Beam, 2nd Floor & Vault, 3rd Bars & All around

JO10 (2001 & before)
Alix Pierce - 1st Vault, Beam, Floor, & All around, 2nd Bars
Rya Wiebe- 1st Bars, 2nd Vault, Floor, & All around, 3rd Beam

JO9 (2004-2006)
Aley Chrunik- 1st Vault, Bars, & All around, 3rd Beam, 4th Floor
Emily Jorgensen- 1st Beam, 2nd Vault, Floor, & All around, 3rd Bars
Amy Jorgensen- 1st Floor, 3rd Vault & All Around, 4th Bars, 5th Beam
Annika Yuzdepski- 2nd Bars, 3rd Floor, 4th Beam & All around, 5th Vault
Kiara Stone- 2nd Beam, 4th Vault, 5th Bars, Floor, & All around

JO7 (2005-2007)
Faith Waldherr- 1st Beam, 2nd All around, 4th Bars & Floor, 6th Vault

JO6 (2003 & before) JO6 (2004-2005) JO6 (2006-2008)
Halee Martin- 1st Vault, 2nd Bars, Floor, & All around, 3rd Beam Abigail Back- 3rd All around, 4th Beam & Floor, 5th Vault, 7th Bars Sienna Forsberg- 3rd Bars & Beam, 4th All around, 6th Vault, 7th Floor
Elizabeth Kampman- 1st Floor, 3rd All around, 4th Vault, 8th Bars Brynn Geissler- 3rd Beam, 4th Bars, 5th Floor, 6th All around, 13th Vault  


JO4 (2004 & before) JO4 (2005-2006) JO4 (2007-2008)  
Brooke Cuthbert- 1st Vault, Bars, Floor, & All around, 3rd Beam Ryan Jacobson- 1st Bars, Beam, Floor, & All around, 5th Vault Emily Hirschfeld- 5th Vault, 9th Bars & All around, 11th Beam, 12th Floor  
  Caitlyn Appel- 6th Bars, 7th Beam & All around, 11th Vault & Floor    
  Allie Earl- 5th Floor, 8th Vault, 13th All around, 15th Bars, 16th Beam    


JO3 (2004 & before) JO3 (2005-2006) JO3 (2007) JO3 (2008-2009)
Devyn Cole- 1st Beam, 2nd Bars & All around, 4th Vault, 5th Floor Lena Jackson- 3rd Beam, 9th Floor & All around, 13th Vault, 19th Bars Janaya Hnatiuk- 7th Beam, 13th All around, 14th, Floor, 16th Bars, 19th Vault Isabella Wallace- 9th Vault, 10th Beam & All around, 12th Floor, 15th Bars
Lauryn McNair- 2nd Vault, Beam, Floor, 3rd All around, 4th Bars Ella Failler- 12th Beam, 22nd All around, 23rd Floor, 24th Bars, 25th Vault   Kyra Breker- 16th Beam, 17th Vault, 18th Bars, 21st All around, 23rd Floor



Alix Pierce Western Canadian Champion

 Published Monday, May 1, 2017

Marian Gymnastics Club earns titles and medals at 2017 Western Canadian Gymnastics Championships


Alix Pierce, of the Marian Gymnastics Club took home the 2017 Western Canadian all around and uneven bars titles, in Brandon, Manitoba.  She also earned a bronze medal in the vault final.  She competed in the Junior Olympic Level 10 category.

Amy Jorgensen earned a bronze medal on uneven bars in the Aspire Two category on her way to a fifth place all around finish.

Rya Wiebe was 8th all around in the Junior Olympic Level 10 category as was Aley Chrunik in the Junior Olympic Level 9 category.

Emily Jorgensen placed 5th in the uneven bar finals in Junior Olympic Level 10 with Aley Chrunik placing 6th.

Marian Results Below:

JO 10 (16 years +)

Alix Pierce                           1st all around, 1st bars, 3rd vault, 4th beam

Rya Wiebe                          8th all around

JO 9 (11-13 years)

Aley Chrunik                      8th all around, 6th bars, 7th vault

Emily Jorgensen               11th all around, 5th bars

Annika Yuzdepski             18th all around

Kiara Stone                         21st all around

Aspire 2

Amy Jorgensen                 5th all around, 3rd bars, 5th beam

Aspire 1

Addis Deobold                  13th all around, 7th beam, 7th vault, floor


The Marian Gymnastics Club will have eight athletes competing at the upcoming 2017 Canadian Gymnastics Championships to be held May 23-28 in Montreal, Quebec.